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Patrick and Darcey

On one of his buying trips to Sri Lanka Patrick came across these Peridot.  What sets them apart is their quality, their size and that they match.  They were irresistible.  So Patrick didn’t resist.

Back in London some time later…  Strictly is on the BBC and Darcey Bussell is looking the business.  The penny drops as to how these peridot should be presented to society.  Throw in some of the finest brilliant cut diamonds, hand it over to the very best craftsmen and hey presto – a star is born!

Bill and Alicia

Obviously we make many engagement rings and many of these are diamond engagement rings. However they don’t all have to be the same and here is a perfect example. The diamond is a Victorian cut cushion shape so obviously was loved in a previous incarnation. Whilst the setting may fade and become unfashionable the diamond will remain exactly as it always was. Bill and Alicia came to us wanting something classic with a twist and naturally, also spectacular.

The pear shapes are there for one reason and that is to support the centre stone. Getting the right size and shape is paramount: too small and they look mean, too big and they overpower the centre. As we designed this one, it is perfect!

(she said yes)

Neil and Riddhi

Very often engagement rings are a diamond solitaire and very lovely they are too.

However, every so often we get asked to create something rather different and this is one example.

Neil came to Geoff with the idea of a ring inspired by a peacock feather. The emphasis was the intricacy of the design rather than a single gemstone. For this all the latest techniques were employed to realise Neil’s vision. The initial form was designed on CAD and all intricate pieces assembled and finished by hand. By the time the diamond setter had finished his magic 106 diamonds had been set into this stunning piece.

And so The Riddhi-Peacock ring was born. It was never about a big show but finesse and delicacy.

Amit and Victoria

All our clients are wonderful. Some demonstrate their wonderfulness by providing their loved one with stunning jewellery, like this ruby and diamond cluster ring, even several years after getting together.

Amit and Victoria who are long standing clients and friends had several meetings with Patrick at his home and in the studio in Hatton Garden and to be frank there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing.  There was showing of rubies (so many rubies) and diamonds (so many diamonds!) and passing of cats from lap to lap and tea and coffee and wine until finally…..well perfection must not be rushed.

No matter what the budget you too can be like Amit and Victoria.


Hugo and Liz

Ten years ago we bought this emerald.

It was set in a rather weather-beaten Victorian ring. The emerald was removed and polished. As emeralds are relatively soft it had some scratches on the surface hiding it’s true nature. Upon re- polishing what was revealed was a gemstone of the highest possible quality; so good that we had it certificated, confirming that it had had no artificial treatment at all – very rare these days. Once Hugo had fallen in love with it we designed a new setting in platinum with a pair of beautiful diamonds either side for him to present to Liz.

Philip and Hilary

Philip is a long-standing client and friend. He is also one of the most devoted husbands you can imagine.  In one of his regular visits he asked to have a look through our gem selection and his eyes lit up when he saw this glorious 10 carat pear-shaped tanzanite.   To mark an important anniversary he wanted us to create something that was more formal than everyday – a real show stopper!

Philip had lots of ideas and was fully involved with the design process: here is what we came up with. Knowing Hilary it was important that the piece retained its elegance whilst still being substantial.  We particularly like how the cool colours of diamond, pearls and tanzanite in white gold complement each other; naturally it was entirely handmade.

After receiving the finished article Philip pronounced, ‘Everyone needs a Patrick!’

And we agree.