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In conversation with Patrick & Geoff: Gentlemen Jewellers of 31, Hatton Garden

Recently, we found ourselves reminiscing (over a glass of Merlot) about our 40+ years in the jewellery business, here in London’s Hatton Garden. We asked ourselves: Why DO our clients choose us in the first place? And why do they return, year after year, to celebrate anniversaries, milestone birthdays, loved ones at Christmas and special occasions with bespoke jewellery?

Here follows the first part of that conversation. If you agree (or disagree!) with our conclusions, or have something valuable to add, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Geoff: Patrick, what do you do?
Patrick: Largely, my role is to meet clients/customers/friends, discover what makes them tick and really understand why they are here. Translating that into a finished piece of custom jewellery is the skill. We truly want them to see us as friends and I believe they do. The fact they keep referring their friends, family and colleagues, is testimony to our approach.

Patrick: Geoff, what do you do?
Geoff: Make people happy! Well, that’s not strictly true, they were already happy but we help them to express it. A client has just left with his diamond trilogy engagement ring; on seeing it he said, ‘Wow! This is even better than I expected!’ That is when you know you have done a good job and a thing has been made beautifully; it makes a person happy.

Both: How do our clients describe us?
Patrick: Reassuring, trustworthy, knowledgeable.
Geoff: Warm, professional, assured.


Patrick: Geoff, why don’t we do rules?
Geoff: Love doesn’t do rules, Patrick, so neither do we. Each piece has its own reason for being and runs its own course. Jewellery on the other hand does have some rules. It’s as well to know what they are to decide when and how to obey them, or break them, which is where we come in. Either way we will make sure the recipient is entirely happy and the finished ring design, necklace style or pair of earrings is beautiful!

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