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December newsletter

Dear Friend,

Ten years ago we bought this emerald.

It was set in a rather weather-beaten Victorian ring. The emerald was removed and polished. As emeralds are relatively soft it had some scratches on the surface hiding it’s true nature. Upon re-polishing what was revealed was a gemstone of the highest possible quality; so good that we had it certificated, confirming that it had had no artificial treatment at all – very rare these days. Two weeks ago a client fell in love with it. We designed a new setting in platinum with a pair of beautiful diamonds either side.

As this emerald is between 1.4 bazillion to 3.7 gazillion years old, waiting ten years for its new owner is no big deal, however we’re thrilled that someone with a discerning eye saw its true worth. It was one of our all-time favourites gems. We loved it.

Talking of what or whom you love, Christmas is almost upon us. You are on our newsletter list and there is bound to be someone whom you love. This is most propitious!

Clearly, this gem has flown the nest, though we have many others for you to see. Feel free to call or email. If you’d like to pop up there will be a glass of Chateau Fabulous and a complimentary cheese straw awaiting you.

You know you want to………….

Patrick and Geoff