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Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying an Engagement Ring

An Essential Guide to Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring set - 3 rings. A pear shaped diamond cluster ring on a diamond set band with a sapphire eternity ring either side.Buying an engagement ring is something to celebrate. It’s means you have reached that moment when you decide this is it, this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, annoy with your relentless cheerfulness every morning, drive mad with your collection of gnomes, you know… you’ve found ‘The One’.

And to mark such a wonderful occasion, obviously you need to buy a gorgeous bespoke engagement ring, one that you both love, but ESPECIALLY the person who will be wearing it for the rest of their life. And you don’t want to get it wrong.

So where to start?


The Dos


* Be brave! There is a whole world of extraordinary and beautiful gemstones out there to explore – you don’t have to go for a diamond solitaire as a matter of course.  


* Always choose the gem first – the setting will show the gem off, but it’s the jewel that is key. Remember that it will be that which outlasts the setting.


* Choose the gem that is right for you – not too big nor too small but appropriate to the wearer. You really don’t need to keep up with the Jones’! 


* Allow your jeweller to get to know you – a ring should reflect your personality and your style.  There is no one-size-fits-all.


* Buy it for her (or him!)  Ultimately, the recipient has to love it as they are the one who will be wearing it for the rest of their life.


* Speak to more than one jeweller – find an expert that you like and trust. Not all jewellers are necessarily experts!


* How much should I spend?…… well, enough, but not too much. The price should make you go ‘ouch’, but it shouldn’t be painful months later. However, this does represent one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make so the amount should reflect that. With a great jeweller, you will find something truly beautiful whatever the budget may be.


* Choose a good insurer – with all the excitement of a pending wedding, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. However jewellery does get lost and yes, occasionally, stolen. Cheap policies will often make you buy a replacement from a chain store or will not reimburse the full price if you don’t go to their favoured suppliers. Insure well and relax.


* Make it fun! The process of choosing and designing an engagement ring should be great fun. Don’t become mired in the smallest detail – that’s why you’re going to an expert. Choosing a ring should not be stressful, naturally it will be a happy, fabulous experience. Enjoy the journey as well as the goal.




* Don’t stop at the idea that it has to be a diamond solitaire – however, beautiful it may be, they don’t suit everyone. Explore other options – you are free to choose something else.


* Be wary of trends – There are many rings that an experienced jeweller can look at and place in a given time whereas a classic design is somehow timeless. As Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion passes, style remains’.


* Don’t buy an engagement ring off the peg – its being bespoke does not make it more expensive, often quite the opposite. If you’re going to get a bespoke anything, this must be the thing.


* Don’t make the hints too subtle – even though your partner may be paying for it, only one person will be wearing it. If that is you, spell it out very clearly…very, very clearly!  


* Don’t get hung up on diamond grades. Take the time to look at a few gems and let one of them ‘speak’ to you. Trust your instinct, it won’t let you down.


Check out some of our engagement commissions for ideas, and obviously if you need any advice or are ready to get it made, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we love to help!