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Part 2: In conversation with Patrick & Geoff, Gentlemen Jewellers of 31, Hatton Garden

Having finished the Merlot (mentioned in Part 1 of this conversation), we found ourselves opening a particularly nice bottle of Malbec and started reminiscing about our wonderful clients, the bespoke jewellery we create for them, and the beautiful relationships our (equally beautiful) designs represent.

Geoff: Patrick, what do we sell?
Patrick: We sell LOVE!… or at least the representation of love. Individually designed pieces of custom jewellery for each person no matter what the budget or situation… and reassurance ALWAYS!

In 3 words, describe clients of Wyatt Jewellery

Patrick: In love, happy, good (that’s 4 words).
Geoff: Classy, generous, caring.

What makes Hatton Garden special?

Patrick: It’s historic. Difficult to explain but it’s in the ether – hundreds of years of dealing, design and service. Intangible but substantial. Like us.
Geoff: You go to Jermyn Street for your shirts, Denmark Street for a guitar and Hatton Garden for jewellery. Ever was it thus. Even then, it’s not what you know it’s who you know. The prices in a retail jeweller can be anything from reasonable, to eye-watering. Being a bespoke jeweller, at Wyatt we have the flexibility to supply a superior product for the same budget. Shhh! Not a lot of people know that.

img_6078What would you say is a Wyatt Jewellery speciality?

Geoff: An exquisite coloured gemstone, an exemplar of its type set off with a panoply of diamonds! We aim for a clean aesthetic in general, refined and delicate, perhaps with some flourish or trace from the hand of the craftsmen.
Patrick: Apart from bespoke, individually designed diamond jewellery. There are a few great jewellers around and they are fabulous. We are one of them but give ourselves in friendship, impartiality (we often recommend lesser priced jewellery because it is the right choice). We are also partial to the Art Deco style, perhaps with a modern twist.

You can read the first part of this 2 part conversation, here. If you would like to take part in this conversation, we welcome you to do so via our social media profiles:
Twitter: @wyattjewellery
Instagram: @patrickwyattjewellery