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A country boy at heart, Patrick came to London at the tender age of 22 following a brief stint at a local newspaper group in Kent. He stumbled into work in Hatton Garden through a recommendation and has never looked back. After proving that he could make tea and handle a broom Patrick began to cut his teeth in the trade proper working with a wonderful array of antique jewellery and the design and manufacture of fine gem-set pieces. A profound knowledge and love of this type of jewellery informs his work today.

During this time his work took him to all the major international trade fairs of the world; Basil, Munich and Tokyo to name but a few. Building on the foundation of these years gave Patrick the necessary skills and understanding of jewellery to start his own company. So in 2001 the time was right and he began producing pieces to commission under his own name and has been doing so ever since.

Patrick keeps an allotment which produces vegetables each harvest-time on an almost industrial scale. The fridge in the office is rarely without a portion of some stew, roast or fruit conserve whose ingredients were pulled from the earth near his home in Chiswick. You see, Patrick would say that for him vegetables are like people; each one is unique and perfect and this informs the way he designs jewellery.

A man of many interests Patrick practices meditation and tutors a group in practical philosophy and with his collection of fine (mostly French) wine, Patrick is, to his credit and the perpetual joy of those around him, generous to a fault.

(by Geoff)