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Golden Jubilee – Crown Jewels

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our June newsletter.

The queen has now celebrated 60 years on the throne. In the course of the nation’s festivities she wore much of her state regalia. The current crown jewels of the United Kingdom date from the Restoration of Charles II as Oliver Cromwell had melted down all of the previous collection in an austerity drive. Amongst the current stunning collection is one of The Cullinan diamonds which, when it was dug from the ground weighed 3106.75 carats (about the size of a human fist); the largest piece of rough diamond ever found. So the story goes, that when this was transported to England to be presented to Edward the 7th it was sent in a plain, unmarked parcel by registered mail and not by the agency of the decoy steam boat, with many guards, as reported. Clearly, Her Majesty has pretty much all bases covered when it comes to jewellery and when you saw her resplendent at the various Jubilee functions over the weekend, you may have became aware of any gaps you have in your own collection – we are of course on hand to assist you to remedy this monstrous situation!

In the spirit of the celebration of the Jubilee, over this period*, if you choose to commission any piece of diamond jewellery you will only pay for the gemstones, we will supply the design, precious metal and manufacturing free of charge*.

God Save the Queen!

Patrick Wyatt

* Offer ends 30th of June.
** Where the value of the diamonds is at least equal to the value of the settings.