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Patrick’s off to Sri Lanka again

Dear your content here,

Welcome to our latest newsletter after a rather long break!

This is going to be short and sweet as it is simply to inform you that I am off again to Sri Lanka in the next few days to hunt down some beautiful and unusual gemstones.

Two years ago I returned from Ratnapura (which in Sanskrit means “City of Gems”) with some stunning multi-coloured Sapphires and Rubies. This year, in addition, there should be some of the best examples of Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Aquamarines, Moonstones, Tourmalines, Spinels, Cat’s Eyes and the very rare Alexandrites amongst others.

If there is anything you would like me to keep an eye out for, without any obligation, please do let me know.

On another matter- you are probably aware that precious metals have risen enormously over the past few years. In addition diamonds have recently rocketed in value which means that many people are under-insured and I have had several people in the last few months getting only a fraction of the true value of their lost item. If any of you would like me to look again at your jewellery, both to service/polish and value it please let me know. I’ll be back in the office the week commencing the 10th October.

On the evening of 11th October I am involved in an innovative and exciting project designed to help those planning their wedding. There will be a photographer, cake-maker, dress-maker, jeweller (that’s me), wedding planner etc etc present who are considered to be at the top of their profession. The difference about this event is that there is strictly no selling to those coming along, so you can walk around asking whatever advice you like without feeling under any pressure. So, if you know anyone looking to plan their wedding please click on the link below.


In the meantime,

Warm regards