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What do you see here?

A bespoke diamond ring we made recently.


But what do you see?

An engagement ring?

A diamond?

A shared future?

Something expensive?

‘Beyond my means’?   

Cold sweats?

This image of a diamond ring could conjure up all manner of responses. Many would recognise all of the above and each one is in its way valid. Whatever you see this is not just a stone set in metal, it signifies something.

You may think we get bored creating such pieces of bespoke jewellery, that they are all somehow similar. We don’t, because every one represents something different, some one different – fresh, new, #grooveballs.


Bespoke diamond engagement ring

Same bespoke diamond ring, different perspective.


It is not just about you, it’s the generations that follow

You could classify jewellery in two ways. That which is of the moment and will by its nature become dated with time and that which will look just as good on someone in a hundred years. A new car or the latest electronic gadget will probably be kaput in ten years. This is borne out when clients come along with jewellery that has been passed to them through the family. Some just need a little sprucing up to look fantastic while plenty of others an individual would not wear as it is no longer in style.

You could classify humans in this way too, though we try not to!

So when you commission a piece of bespoke jewellery, come to a really great jeweller – a future generation will thank you for it!


Bespoke diamond engagement ring

Same bespoke diamond ring, different view again.

What does it mean to you? What does it mean to her?  

…or to him.  We know of several couples where the woman has asked the question and why not?  Ultimately that is not important, the important thing is what a piece of custom jewellery represents. So consider that, both for yourself and the other person. A bespoke diamond ring or any piece is a symbol and you are free to create the meaning.  Which is kind of great.


‘we are the makers of manners, Kate; and the liberty that follows’

Henry the Fifth


So the question is – what do you want to see here? Now we’re getting somewhere…