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What’s Golden?

Old but Gold: Taking advantage of the high gold price

Whether you are thinking of selling your gold jewellery or having it remade into a piece of bespoke jewellery, we can help.

wooden jewellery box for gold jewellery

As one of the leading jewellers in London, we are best known for making bespoke engagement rings and custom jewellery in Hatton Garden and that work continues within the parameters of the current London-wide restrictions.

One of the things we have found ourselves doing during the downtime is sorting through some of the nice pieces we had stored away. You may have noticed our occasional sales on Instagram.

Like us, this time at home may lead you to uncover some forgotten treasures in the family jewellery box or hidden at the back of a drawer. You might be considering having a new piece made from old, unworn items – in which case do have a look at our Guide to Commissioning Bespoke Jewellery). Or you may be thinking of scrapping some pieces entirely.

An interesting fact:

‘Gold is one of the most recycled and reused metals in the world.  According to the world gold council 1,212 tonnes of old gold was recycled in 2008.  This accounts for over a third of the supply.

– The Goldsmith Company

Selling your gold

When it comes to selling your gold for scrap it is very much a case of buyer beware.  During the global recession of 2008, many of our clients wished to sell their old, unused, broken or worn out gold items. In in the space of less than 2 months we gave our clients £40,000 in return. Based on a report by the Consumers Association, on average they would have received just £8,000 had they gone to some popular online companies.

If you find yourself in the position of wishing to take advantage of the current very high gold price then please email us at wyatt@wyattjellery.com and we can talk you through the process. What we do offer, as always, is complete reassurance.