Hatton Garden, a centre of excellence in

the gemstones and jewellery profession

for over 300 years



Excellence through Collaboration

The creation of one piece of jewellery sees it pass through many hands. Imagine a Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy ring. Having been mined and polished, the diamonds and gemstone will find their way through the hands of specialist dealers to the jewellery quarter in London. Here they are selected and arranged to a design by yours truly.


Expertise & Precision

We take the precious and semi-precious stones to a gemstone 'mounter'. The job of the mounter is to fabricate the metal structure itself from raw, precious metal. Then it is handed to the 'setter'. It is the setter's job to set the gemstones into the mount by bending, cutting, shaping and filing the claws or edges to grip the stones - highly skilled work, a steady hand is essential. Next the assay office will check the purity of the metal and apply the stamp. Now it goes to the polisher to smooth the surfaces of the metal in all the nooks and crannies to bring it up to a fine, brilliant shine. That is a fairly simple article of jewellery with no enamelling or engraving or technical stone cutting involved.

The Hatton Garden Experience

Hatton Garden is a precious ecosystem. Jewellers require the proximity of one another to make the finest pieces and the jewellers of Hatton Garden have been working together in subsequent generations for over 300 years.

This is what you are buying when you choose a piece made in Hatton Garden.

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