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In Hatton Garden, a centre of excellence in the jewellery profession for over 300 years

Hatton Garden

At Wyatt Jewellery we very much see ourselves as actors on the stage of Hatton Garden. It has been here for years and will remain for many years after we have gone. Our hope is that just as we benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the generations of jewellers that have come before us, so we contribute something to that ecosystem too. Every jewel we set, every piece we make has its own part to play in this unfolding history.

Patrick Wyatt

Patrick is a country boy at heart, growing up in a village in Kent before following the bright lights to London as adulthood beckoned. He ended up in the jewellery profession through a chance recommendation. 12 years of working with fine antique jewellery and manufacturing fine gem-set jewellery ensued. In that time he travelled far and visited the great jewellery shows of the world such as Tokyo, Inhorgenta and Basle. There’s nothing like making thousands of pieces, knowing each must be perfect, to learn the staples and traditions of the craft. The result was a deep understanding of fine jewellery from many periods. But something more was needed. Patrick decided it was time to start his own brand of jewellery to get closer to the wearer of his pieces. A love of people and of gemstones is what emerged as the heart of his approach. Patrick found that with gemstones as with people, it is the individual character that is most interesting and mysterious. A passion for seeking out and making available the finest gemstones to his clients motivates Patrick. Seeing people happy and the medium for that being jewellery, is his vision for Wyatt Jewellery. 


Geoffrey Murray

Geoffrey was born and raised in London. A creative soul from a family of artists. It was in coming to work for Patrick in 2004 that he found his path in life. He loved Hatton Garden immediately. The sense of community, like a village within a city, the camaraderie, the specialist knowledge, witnessing the skill of craftspeople and the Dickensian warren of workshops that make up the fabric of the place all persuaded him he had found something very special. Geoffrey came to love creating the finest jewellery, working with the best craftsmen available. Creating jewellery that is fresh but also in keeping with the traditions of design that have been developed by generations of jewellers allows Geoffrey to explore his own creative vision. After 20 years of sourcing gemstones and diamonds, designing and making bespoke pieces with Patrick, our first house collection is an expression of this.


Our World in Our Words

Patrick and Geoffrey share their latest thoughts on the world of jewellery, from commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery to design inspiration, travels and more.

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A Conversation with Patrick and Geoffrey

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