Patrick Wyatt


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Patrick’s Travels to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is sometimes called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean which is an entirely fitting compliment. An island of incredible natural beauty with an equally enchanting culture. Despite its tumultuous recent history, it is a must-see for the mildly intrepid. Read More

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Why choose bespoke for your engagement ring?

Most people looking for an engagement ring find one in a shop or online retailer. Our clients tend to want something more original, something which they can tailor to the character of the recipient. ‘Bespoke’ is the difference between a piece that is nice and one that is perfect. What are the... Read More

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Ruby or Not?

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A Tale of Two Diamonds - Revisited

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, to be a diamond dealer... Read More

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It's a Surprise, How Do I Find My Partner’s Finger Size?

It Is a Surprise, How Do I Find My Partner’s Finger Size? How do I find my partner’s finger size? Read More

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What do you see here?

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Do's and Don't's of Buying an Engagement Ring

An Essential to Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring Buying an engagement ring is something to celebrate. It's means you have reached that moment when you decide this is it, this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, annoy with your relentless cheerfulness every morning, drive mad... Read More

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Lizzie & the Olympic Ring

Lizzie Simmonds is somewhat of an inspiration Read More