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Why choose an Eternity Ring?

Why choose an Eternity Ring?

The symbolism of an eternity ring is neat and powerful. An unbroken line of gemstones set all the way around the finger suggesting connected moments in time. It carries a sense of gratitude and commitment and thereby an inherent sense of relationship.


Platinum Eternity Ring with Round Diamonds

A half eternity ring is fairly self explanatory except that the gems usually cover 40% of the circumference, as this works better aesthetically. They are wearable alone or as a 'stack' and when done well become an essential part of the everyday collection.



Platinum Half Eternity with Round Diamonds

How the Eternity became a Cornerstone

It used to be the case that the wedding ring was a plain band that sat next to the engagement ring and an eternity ring was something separate.  Increasingly however this distinction has blurred as for the last 20 years or so there has been a move towards setting wedding rings with diamonds.  This started with scatterings and smatterings of diamonds.

wyatt-jewellery-wedding-eternity-ring-520-by-520-72dpiPlatinum Wedding Ring with Scattered Diamonds

In the 00's we set several wedding rings with a random arrangement of different sizes, like a constellation of stars, or at the 4 points of the compass.  This trend then developed into the wedding ring becoming effectively an eternity ring.  Now, more than half of the women's wedding rings that we make are diamond eternity or half eternity rings and are very often joined by a second one in due course to make a three ring set or 'stack'.


Engagement Ring with Diamond Wedding Ring

'Maternity' Ring?

The convention has become that an eternity ring is given on the birth of a child. Sometimes a second one for a second child, allowing for a pleasing ensemble.  This has lead to the nickname 'Maternity' ring which while being accurate loses something of the poetry of the idea of eternity.  In reality, an eternity ring, as with any piece of jewellery, represents what you want it to!


Stack with Mixture of Settings Styles and Metals

Some Orientation on Styles

A straightforward diamond eternity ring is the most common type.  There are many styles and ways to get creative, though the most popular is a claw setting with round diamonds.  Princess cuts, a shape we tend to see less of now as a solitaire, work well in eternity rings because they are square and create a full, uninterrupted sparkling strip of diamond.  Baguettes do similarly but create a more structured, cool Art Deco look.  Sapphires and Rubies are the most popular choice of coloured gem as they are the hardest gems after diamond. 


From the Top: Princess Cut Eternity Ring, A Sapphire and Diamond Half Eternity & Claw-set Eternity with Round Diamonds

How to choose an Eternity Ring:

Consider first the engagement ring (if there is one).  The cut and settings of the gemstones or diamonds should compliment and not clash with the engagement and wedding rings.  

Emerald engagement ring, a ruby eternity & carved wedding ring

Emerald Engagement Ring, a Ruby Eternity & Carved Wedding Ring

Consider bringing in a coloured gemstone.  This could be the birthstone of the wearer or the birthstone of a child. It may not be advisable to make an eternity ring with every birthstone (for instance Pearl, Peridot or Opal are all too soft) but it is possible to be creative and choose alternatives; of which there are plenty.  An alternating pattern with diamonds has a nice symbolism to it. Two different gems interspersed in the one ring.

Consider which finger the ring will be worn on.  It is often difficult to resize an eternity ring due to the uninterrupted nature of the settings so it is best to consider how and where it will be worn as swapping it between fingers may not be possible. 

Consider the lifestyle of the wearer.  Chunkier, smoother settings will protect their gemstones more, while delicate claw settings show more gem but require a little more care.

Consider how it will be worn.  Is this an everyday piece or a show-stopper for special occasions - or perhaps even somewhere in between. 

Consider the stack.  Whether buying for yourself or another and this ring is to join others in an ensemble then consider how they will sit together (#ringstacks).  Here is a place to mix metals, try different colours of gemstones and get creative. 

And finally... Half or Full?  On a more active pair of hands a full eternity ring can be vulnerable to damage at the back. For this reason the half eternity ring is often chosen.  This has the added benefit that more of the budget can be put into larger stones which are always on display. A clever adaptation is the 3/4 eternity, leaving just a small space at the back of the band for the ring to be resized and where the heaviest wear is likely to occur.  The downside is that the rings do not always behave themselves and may spin. For most of the time though all that's visible will be the line of gemstones. 

As ever we are here to help with the above considerations.

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